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Well maintained, high-quality gear; attentive staff; delicious food; your perfect, memory-making hike – our staff are committed to making the most of your group's time in the forest. Getting away is an investment. Let us help you design a pinnacle experience, whether you’re bringing a class of 30, a wedding of 150 or a group retreat.

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Submersed in a positive and exciting setting, our highly interactive outdoor education programs aim to challenge, inspire and enlighten your students. Our staff use a combination of teamwork initiatives, active outdoor activities, and engaging instruction. While the benefits of Outdoor Education are well known, programs help shy students shine, new stars emerge, celebrating accomplishments builds confidence, bonds form through shared experience, challenges are overcome and students learn leadership, teamwork, and initiative.

Our Centre works with a range of school partners and we are proud to work with many exceptional public, independent and private schools. First Nations community schools, homeschool groups, Francophone and French immersion schools, and International Education Programs have all taken part in our program offerings. For many schools, a trip to the Centre is a wilderness rite of passage for their students and forms an integral part of their school community. To discuss your school program specific needs e-mail us today to get started!

“The benefits of outdoor education here extend far beyond learning about the area’s plants and animals.”

Long-Term Benefits to participants include life skills such as

Problem solving

Judgement and decision making




Communication Skills


Environmental Awareness

School and Groups: Overnight Trip Details & Rates

Our rates for groups vary depending on the season, length of stay, and group size. Rates include all meals, snacks, overnight accommodations, day & evening programming, and an information session if desired prior to your class visit.

Please refer to the Pricing Schedule for further details.


The Powell Lake Outdoor Learning Centre prides itself on providing the highest caliber of instruction and group processing and debriefing in all its activities.

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About Our Process

The benefits of outdoor experiential learning in nature are thankfully well understood.

Carefully sequenced activities

Our team uses a multi media approach to blend a variety of cognitive and kinaesthetic activities aimed at helping groups reach their full potential. Activities are always designed for maximum accessibility.

Appreciate the challenging moments

Helping groups step outside their comfort zones in a supportive way is the centre of what we do. Debriefed with positive transference to real-life situations provide opportunities to develop and practice ways of working together is where the magic happens!. By challenging the group to try things they may never have thought possible, long-lasting growth occurs.

After the experience

Learning by doing in nature is a fundamental human experience. Many participants indicate an increased sense of trust for themselves and for their group members after outdoor programs. Creating positive memorable opportunities in nature can be life-altering.

Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing)

A growing body of research points to the beneficial effects that exposure to the natural world has on health, reducing stress and promoting healing. Nature connection programs are an engaging and fun way to practice good self-care.

Our team of professional facilitators and leaders are skilled working with specialized groups such as

Classes that need a boost to work together, to be inclusive

English Language Learners



Students with social anxiety

Sports teams, youth groups and programs

Non Profit Organizations

Corporate teams

These programs fill up quickly. Book soon to secure your spot!