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Well maintained, high-quality gear; attentive staff; delicious food; your perfect, memory-making hike – our staff are committed to making the most of your group's time in the forest. Getting away is an investment. Let us help you design a pinnacle experience, whether you’re bringing a class of 30, a wedding of 150 or a group retreat.

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Day & Overnight Trip Details and Rates

Our rates for groups vary depending on season, length of stay and group size. Rates include all meals, snacks , overnight accommodations, day & evening programming, and an information session if desired prior to your class visit. Please refer to the Pricing Schedule for further details.

Forest Immersion Program

A 2.5-day Program featuring all the best aspects of a stay at the Centre. Click here for more details and rates.

Eco Adventure Program

One and a half day (One night) adventure sampler visits to the Centre are available for classes throughout the year subject to availability. Click here for more details and rates.

Adventure Explorer Day Programs

Daylong programs featuring set programs or activities customized to meet the needs of your students are available throughout the school year. Click here for more details and rates.

Flexible and Partnership Pricing

Making your experience as affordable and accessible as we can is our priority.

Teacher Resources

Enrich your classes experience at the Centre by choosing from K-12 programs linked to the BC Education Curriculum. Click here for more details on facilitated teacher lead programs and grade-specific Wild BC grab-and-go bins.

Other Booking Options

We also welcome 4-day, 5-day and weekend bookings. On occasion we also host cohort learning and wilderness expedition based programs of up to 10 days or more. Contact our office for availability and pricing.