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Well maintained, high-quality gear; attentive staff; delicious food; your perfect, memory-making hike – our staff are committed to making the most of your group's time in the forest. Getting away is an investment. Let us help you design a pinnacle experience, whether you’re bringing a class of 30, a wedding of 150 or a group retreat.

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Guiding Services


The OLC is fortunate to have many great options for off-site hikes. Situated on the Sunshine Coast Trail we are connected several hundred km’s of trail right at our doorstep. From an hour to several days we are skilled at matching routes to group composition and learning objectives. If you would like to leave the OLC property with your guests on a Hike (of any length) consider taking an OLC staff member as your Guide. Our staff are knowledgeable trail guides with all the on the ground Intel to safely and effectively support groups on a day or overnight Hike from the Centre. Offsite hikes from the OLC provide many excellent options to explore the natural history, flora and fauna, and beautiful scenery of the area. Popular off-site trails include Lost Lake Falls, Tony Point and in the other direction areas in the Haywire Bay Campground, Haywire Bluff and the Lost Lake Trail. Ask us to help choose the best routes for your visit.

3 – 3.5 Hours$69 per person plus 5% GST / Minimum of 3 people. Bookings for fewer than 3 people will be charged a flat rate of $165 + GST / Departure: 9:00 am or 1:30 pm 

6 – 7 Hours$99per person + 5% GST / Minimum of 3 people. Bookings for fewer than 3 people will be charged a flat rate of $239+ GST. / Departure: 9:30 am      

Paddle Journeys

Interested in a guided family or group paddling adventures on the Powell Forest Canoe Route? Our team of industry-trained guides has years of experience leading groups on this popular freshwater paddling route. Inquire today for itineraries of various lengths and difficulty levels.

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