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What the teachers are saying about the OLC

For the past ___ years, hundreds of BC educators choose the Outdoor Learning Centre at Powell Lake over and over again to bond their classes, inspire hands-on learning about the environment, and stimulate curiousity, self-knowledge and leadership skills.

Here’s what one long-time educator has said:

“I have experienced this program for four years and I consistently walk away having grown both personally and professionally. I have staff approach me to come as chaperones so that they can experience what the students experience.”

“While getting to the area takes a little bit longer it is absolutely worth the effort. The journey along the Sunshine Coast provides some meaningful space that we have grown to rely on for preparation, processing, and reflection. For me, it is the teaching of Hugh and his team that make this program. I would gladly pay twice as much and travel twice as far.”

“The students absolutely loved it.”
Darryl DeBoer, VP of Curriculum, White Rock Christian Academy

Here is what two of his students have said:

“You learn the most about yourself in the times when you are completely removed from your comfort zone and have to face challenges you have never encountered before.” – Adrienne B.

“Battling the harsh winds on our way home on that final day was the most frustratingly intense, soul-strengthening, challenging, exciting, and ultimately life-changing journey I have ever embarked upon and I am eternally grateful that I was able to feel as vulnerable as I did that day.” – Alyssa D.

Where is this magical place?

The Powell Lake Outdoor Learning Centre is located overseas on the Upper Sunshine Coast, a 15-minute drive from downtown Powell River. From Vancouver, it’s a pleasurable (we promise) two-ferry, five-hour commute by vehicle, or a 20-minute flight from YVR. From Vancouver Island, it’s across the Salish Sea from Comox.

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